Putting a Dent in Dental School Costs

Putting a Dent in Dental School Costs

Thinking about dental school? A career in dentistry means a substantial investment in education, so dentists and dental hygienists really need something to smile about!

According to a survey by the American Dental Student Association, the average dental student graduates with more than $200,000 of debt.

Costs for higher education are on the rise, and dental schools are no exception. For students wanting to pursue a career in oral healthcare, they will need to plan for a traditional ungraduate program in addition to dental school.

The EADA reports that most dental school applicants already have a bachelor's degree before they enter dental school. Some even have graduate degrees. Although a very few dental schools will accept a student with an ungraduate degree, you should plan on completing your bachelor's degree before entering dental school.

Fortunately, the ADEA provides a variety of grants, scholarships and awards to aspiring oral healthcare professionals. Check out grants and loans from the American Dental Education Association.

Another great resource for scholarships and grants is the ADHA. Check out their website for information an further resources. American Dental Hygienists Association.

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