Outsourcing Your Medical Linen Laundry

Outsourcing Your Medical Linen Laundry

Healthcare linens are an important element of medical services, one that patients come in contact with every day.

Hospitals and medical centers face an ongoing challenge in maintaining an adequate linen supply that meets OSHA BBP standards, and often face the task of determining when exactly it makes sense to outsource their medical laundry to a hospital laundry service.

For many medical facilities, cost is a primary factor in this decision. On the surface, it may seem as though disposable medical linens are the most economical option, but once purchase price, disposal, storage, and environmental impact are taken into consideration, it may not add up to the expected savings. Do it yourself solutions require expensive laundry equipment, a substantial investment of time, and the knowledge and ability to comply with OSHA standards.

Patient care and comfort is a priority for all medical facilities, and studies indicate that more than 64% of patients prefer cloth gowns and linens to the disposable alternatives. Cloth gowns are more durable and comfortable, as well as fitting better without embarrassing gaps.

Professional healthcare laundries are well equipped to facilitate the collecting, cleaning, and delivery of healthcare linens. The best of these services are HLAC accredited, guaranteeing they process healthcare linens in compliance with all OSHA regulations. Many are also part of the Laundry ESP initiative, striving to develop and utilize environmentally practices in the course of their laundry operations.

The decision to outsource healthcare linens is one that is faced by large hospitals and private medical offices alike. When evaluating the available options it is important to remember that the most valuable benefits - patient comfort, cost effective compliance, and environmental responsibility - all indicate that outsourcing may be the most effective solution to the healthcare linen challenge.

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