Crown Uniforms Are A Good Fit For Your Employees - And Your Business

Crown provides work uniforms for all kinds of businesses.

Uniforms Are More Than Just Clothes To Wear At Work

We all know that people make judgments based on appearance, and that a first impression will last the longest. So as soon as customers and prospects see your employees, they begin making judgments about your business; its professionalism, trustworthiness, organization, and quality.

A national survey by Market Facts Inc. concluded that a uniform can "drastically increase the likelihood of buying" and that both consumers and buyers "overwhelmingly prefer" doing business with companies that use employee uniforms. Dressing your employees in high quality Crown uniforms ensures that your business is well represented, that you stand out from your competitors, and that your customers can easily identify your staff.

Crown Uniform & Linen Service Provides: Work Uniforms- Restaurant Uniforms- Medical Uniforms- Corporate Uniforms

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“My guys look so much better in Crown uniforms that even my customers have been commenting on it. This is great!”
Wayne Mulligan - Tri State Hood & Duct

Why Should You Consider Using Crown Uniforms?

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Uniforms ensure that your staff is dressed in garments that are appropriate for the job. Whether your industry has compliance regulations or other safety requirements, a Crown uniform will keep employees safe.

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Customers feel that employees wearing a uniform are more likely to be trustworthy and that companies that dress their employees well truly care about their customers and their business.

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Time Saving

By providing employee uniforms you allow your staff to spend more time taking care of your customers and your business, because they will spend less time worrying about clothing and laundry.

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Identification & Security

Work uniforms help to identify your employees, reducing security risks and putting your customers at ease. Uniforms can even be color coded by department, and embroidered with employee name and company logo.

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Improved Company Image

Dressing employees in a way the represents your company, and your brand, to its best advantage will create a lasting positive impression. Quality uniforms send a message of quality service.

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Company Advertising & Brand Recognition

Company uniforms are simple and cost effective advertising. Embroidered company logos on stylish uniforms will encourage brand recognition and help people remember who you are.

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Build Team Spirit & Morale

It's not just your customers and company that benefit from uniforms. A staff that looks like a team, feels and works like a team, and feels a stronger sense of loyalty to your company.

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Employee Confidence & Productivity

When employees look their best, they feel their best. Company uniforms give your employees confidence and a sense of belonging, which in turn raises productivity throughout the company.